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Service Learning

North Greene High School


Teacher:  Mrs. Gini Dochety                                          Planning Period:  9:30 – 11:00 a.m.

Class Rules--Respect the teacher and fellow students and equipment at all times. 


1st Offense:        Verbal warning

2nd Offense:       Withdrawal of classroom privileges/zero for daily grade

3rd Offense:        Phone call to parent and/or referral to assistant principal


To Parents--Students will be informed about the above rules and consequences, and they are posted in the classroom.  Please review the above information with your student, then sign and return this form for filing in the classroom.  Please contact me at school if you have any questions regarding your child’s academic progress or behavior record.  Online grades will be available for parents/guardians (Contact Guidance Dept. for assistance in setting up your parental account).  In additional, lessons and class resources are posted at our Google Classroom account.  Your student will bring home information on how a parent may access this class website  


Google Log-in email:  2-digit year of graduation Firstname,

Google Classroom password:  GC __ __ __ __ __ __ __


I, (Student signs here) è___________   ______________ have read the above class information with rules and consequences and agree to follow the rules.  

             Parent’s signatureè  __________________             Date signed _______________

Service Learning Course Info

These course standards are designed to cover the knowledge and skills required by the state board’s Work-Based Learning (WBL) Framework established in High School Policy 2.103. The application of academic knowledge and skills are embedded throughout these standards to ensure compliance with SBE High School Policy. This course is designed to reinforce Tennessee State Standards in literacy, using service-learning teaching methodologies. As such, the course standards are divided into three sections: · Goals of Service-Learning and Theories of Leadership · Personal Safety and Demonstrating Quality Learning · Effective Program Management