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Pacing Guide  

North Greene High School

Algebra 1

Tameria Ailstock

Algebra 1 – Part A

Unit 1 Quantities & Modeling  

Solving equations (easy) A.REI.A.1

Ratios and proportions

Conversions N.Q.A.2, N.Q.A.3

Significant Figures N.Q.A.2, N.Q.A.3

Modeling -> terms and coefficients

·          Writing algebraic expressions

Solving equations (hard) A.REI.A.1

Literal equations A.CED.A.4

Inequalities (one variable)


Unit 2 Understanding Basic Functions 

Interpreting Graphs F.IF.B.3, N.Q.A.1, N.Q.A.2

Relations vs Functions

Creating Models/Equations F.IF.B.3, A.CED.A.1

Graphing Functions F.IF.A.1

·          Plotting points

·          X & y values domain vs range F.IF.B.4, F.IF.A.1

·          Evaluating graphs at a certain value

Writing Formulas for a sequence

·          Explicit & Recursive rules for arithmetic and geometric F.LE.A.2, F.BF.A.1, S.ID.C.6

·          (rate of change from tables) F.IF.B.5

Evaluation Functions f(x) F.IF.A.2


Unit 3 Linear Functions, Equations & Inequalities


·          Standard form

·          Slope intercept form

·          Point Slope Form

Discrete vs continuous graphs F.IF.B.4

Understanding x and y intercept meanings/purpose

Finding Slopes F.IF.B.5, S.ID.C.5

·          From a Graph

·          Points

·          Applications


·          Slope Intercept Form

·          Point Slope

·          Standard Form

·          Using Intercepts

Transformations (comparisons of linear) F.BF.B.2

·          Reflections

·          Vertical shifts

Domain and Range of Linear Applications F.IF.B.4, F.IF.B.3, F.LE.B.4

Solving systems of 1 variable equations A.CED.A.2, A.CED.A.3

·          Using Table and Graphs

Linear Inequalities

·          Graphing

·          Solutions of points                                                                    ***Unit 4 is taught at the end but is included in other units.


Unit 5 Systems and Piecewise Functions

Solve systems (at most two equations) by: A.REI.C.4

·          Graphing A.REI.D.6

·          Addition & Subtraction

·          Elimination (what should be multiplied to get rid of ___ variable)

·          Substitution

·          Matrix (not a standard)


Systems of Inequalities

·          Constraints A.REI.D.7

Interpreting a piecewise function graph A.REI.A.1 (explain steps)

·          Simple graphs

·          Domain and Range F.IF.A.2

·          Real world context

Absolute Value Transformations F.IF.C.6, F.BF.B2

·          Reflections, stretches, vertical and horizontal shifts

·          Introduce “vertex”


Unit 6 Exponential Relationships

Construct and Graph exponential functions

·          Domain and Range F.IF.B.4, F.IF.B.3, F.IF.A.2

Transformations F.IF.C.8, F.BF.B.2

Exponential Growth and Decay with Real World App

Compare Linear vs Exponential F.LE.B.4, F.LE.A.1, F.LE.A.2, F.LE.A.3

Properties of Exponents

·          Solve exponential equations by rewriting base into like powers A.SSE.B.3c, A.REI.A.1

Geometric Sequences Refresher F.IF.B5


Unit 7 Polynomial Operations

Identify Types A.SSE.A.1a, A.SSE.A2

·          Degree Names

·          Term Names

Add & Subtract A.APR.A.1

·          Use perimeter of figures: rectangles, circles, triangles

Multiply Polynomials A.APR.A.1,

·          Area of 2d figures

·          Volume of prisms and Spheres

·          Surface Area of Cylinders

Factoring A.SSE.A.2, A.SSE.B.3a, F.IF.C.7

Polynomial Operations A.APR.A.1

·          When are the operations closed (add, sub, mult, div)



Algebra 1 – Part B


Unit 8 Quadratic Functions

Quadratic Equation Basics

·          Equation Set Up (standard form)

·          Max/Min

·          Domain/Range F.IF.B.4, F.IF.B.3

·          Axis of Symmetry

·          Graphing with Ordered Pairs

Standard Form vs Vertex Form F.IF.C.7, F.IF.C.6.

·          Writing Equations between forms

·          Discriminant

·          Use to find Application Limits

Transformations (in vertex for AND standard form) F.IF.C.8, F.BF.B.2

Solving Quadratics

·          By Graphing Two Lines A.REI.B.3b

·          By Intercepts (know what intercepts mean)

·          By Taking Square Roots

·          By Quadratic Formula A.REI.B.3b

·          By Completing the Square (know what needs to happen, steps) A.REI.AB.3a, A.REI.B.3b, A.SSE.B.3b, F.IF.C.7

·          Factors vs Solutions  A.REI.B.3b,

Writing Quadratic Equations

·          Given Factors or Solutions A.APR.B.2

Unit 9 Application and Modeling

Real World Quadratics F.IF.B.4

Quadratic Regression

Linear Regression                    comparing F.LE.A.3, S.ID.C.6, S.ID.C.7

Exponential Regression


Unit 10 Other Functions

Polynomials F.LE.A.3

·          Odd/Even Leading Coefficients

Inverse Functions

·          Linear, Quadratic, Cubic, Exponential (intro logs)

·          Stress Domain & Range F.IF.B.4

Transformations Review F.IF.C.8, F.BF.B.2

Review Piecewise Functions


***Unit 4 Statistical Models

Histograms S.ID.A.1

Scatter Plots S.ID.B.4.

Comparing Data Sets S.ID.A.2, S.ID.A.3

More Linear Regression, S.ID.C.5, S.ID.C.6, S.ID.C.7