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NGHS Student Handbook

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New Goals + Higher Standards = Productive Citizens

North Greene High School "a new tradition of excellence."

School phone numbers:

Main Office 423-234-1752
Fax Number 423-234-3103
Principal's Office 423-234-1752
Assistant Principal's Office 423-234-1752
Technology Office 423-234-0757
Guidance Office 423-234-0151
Athletic Department 423-234-0061
Library 423-234-2150
Cafeteria 423-234-1254

School Colors

The school colors are forest green and grey.

School Mascot

The school mascot is the Siberian Husky.  Information about the breed may be found at the following sites:


Coat of Arms

The North Greene Coat of Arms
Symbol of School

was designed when the school first opened in 1963. The star represents the high ideals of North Greene students. The iron and scissors represent Andrew Johnson whose homeplace and tailor shop are located in Greeneville. The coonskin cap represents Davy Crockett whose birthplace is Greene County and whose home still stands on the banks of Limestone Creek. Our American heritage is represented by the eagle. The diploma represents the last lap of the high school journey - graduation. The lamp of knowledge which sits atop the coat of arms symbolizes the commitment the faculty and students have to education and learning.

Alma Mater

The Alma Mater
Words by Edith Fox
Music "Finlandia"


Through hill and dale, oh beautiful the way
That brings you to the school we love today.
Near mountains high that watched throughout the past,
By pastures green so glorious to view.
Hail to North Greene, my alma mater hail.
Where friendships grow and loyalties will last.

From far and near come students to her halls,
They join their hands in friendship here to stay.
To learn and grow and laugh along the way,
A search for truth and learning is held high.
We love North Greene, our alma mater great.
Where hopes are born and change to dreams come true.

School Newspaper

The school newspaper is the K-9 Kapers.

School Yearbook

The school yearbook is the Husky.

The Schools that Serve North Greene

The school is served by three feeder schools: Baileyton Elementary, Ottway Elementary, and West Pines Elementary.

History of North Greene

The people in the northern part of Greene County have long been interested in securing advantages of secondary education for their children. The first high school in the area was founded at Baileyton in 1872 as Oakland School and, in 1882, became Oakland Seminary. In March 1882, the people of the Ottway community organized and built their high school, calling it Ottway. A graduate from Ottway college could receive either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree. Because of the difficulty in travel, almost all of the students lived in the dormitories provided by the schools or in private homes. The curricula of these early schools were rich with opportunities for young people to have training in education, music, dramatics, art and languages. As years passed, the schools continued to serve the children of the section, gradually growing and changing to meet the needs of the time. Both schools, which were originally frame structures, now have modern brick buildings. The Baileyton building was built in 1938. Ottway's building was constructed around 1920. Both buildings have had additions as necessary since the original buildings were erected.

Late in the school year of 1961-62, the members of the Board of Education who represented the Baileyton and Ottway High Schools and the superintendent met with patrons of both schools in a series of community meetings to discuss the possibility of consolidation. All patrons seemed to favor the new school, but there was disagreement as to its location. A spot chart showing the residences of students in the area was prepared for a committee of state officials who decided upon the site.

When school began in the fall of 1962, North Greene High School was still far from completion. Students from both schools attended classes at the Baileyton school building in very crowded circumstances for several weeks. The move to the consolidated building was made on December 7, 1962, one week before Christmas holidays.

Since the move, there has been a steady growth in the school. In December, 1963, the highlight of our history, acceptance into the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, was realized. In the years since accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the school has been fortunate in having faculty and staff of the highest caliber who are well-trained and dedicated, and it has continued to expand its curriculum. Through the years, North Greene graduates have distinguished themselves in many fields of endeavor becoming doctors, lawyers, college professors, businessmen and women, teachers, military officers, police officers, secretaries, bankers, engineers, architects, and radiologists, to name just a few.