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Technology Happenings
Posted On: 8/1/2014

Technology Happenings 2012-2013

NGHS Technology Committee 2012-2013
  • Chris Gardenhour - Assistant Principal
  • Cynthia Villanueva - NG District School Level Technician
  • James Rosenbalm - TST / History
  • Sheila Belcher - Librarian
  • Laura Davidson - English
  • Gini Dochety - Computer
2012-2013 - Equipment Purchases  /  Pooled BEP Funds / General Funds
  • 3 - Infocus Projectors
  • IPAD Docking/Charging Station - quantity of 10 IPAD tablets can be synced and charged at same time
  • 2 - 50ft. AV to SVideo Cables
  • 2 - Wireless AP's
  • 2 - 1GB Switches  5/8 Port
  • NGHS has updated its library lab with 20 new Lenovo desktop computers.
2012-2013  Software
  • NGHS entered into a competition for Gaming Design Software and Won!


Technology Happenings 2009-2010

  • The math classroom has added an additional Interwrite pad.
  • Two new wireless printers were purchased.
  • An additional wireless router has been installed at NGHS, bringing the total to 7.  This number does not include two point-to-point connections that were installed in the football field press box and the new field house to the main server.
  • The computers in the keyboarding lab have been upgraded to 1 gb memory.
  • An additional document camera has been purchased by the Resource department.
  • All classrooms have been equipped with ceiling mounted LCD projectors.
  • All CRT monitors have been replaced with flat panel monitors
  • The distance learning classroom is being used at NGHS to provide students with access to French and to provde a dual enrollment class through Walter State Community College.
  • North Greene has installed a new phone service thoughout the school.
  • The 2012 version of Autodesk Autocad software is being used in the pre-engineering class.
  • Orchard software has been installed on a server to help students with credit recovery.
  • ETSU has donated computers, document cameras, and projectors to NGHS.
  • New Promethean presentation systems have been added to two Math classroom, bringing the total number to three.
  • The English department purchased an new document camera.
  • Two new computers have been placed in the Biology and Physical Science classroom.
  • Computers used by the yearbook staff have been upgraded to 3 Gb of memory.
  • Two additional 36" TV's have been added to the library.
  • A networked color laser printer has been added to the computer lab that is available to all faculty.
  • The library is currently adding over 500 new books to the current collection, along with the use of new inventory software to be in use January 2012.
  • Upgraded computers have been placed in the library and writing lab.
  • All of the CRT monitors have been replaced with flat panel monitors. 
  • A 27 unit netbook cart is in use with 2 wireless Access Points added.