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Tameria Ailstock         

Algebra 1                                                                                                                                 

North Greene High School 

4675 Old Baileyton Road

Greeneville, TN 37745   






Welcome back to school and to Algebra 1! The goal of this class is to learn Algebra with reasoning, graphics, problem solving, hands-on manipulatives, and real world applications. My goal is to take the abstract concepts of Algebra and present them in a way that they become practical and engaging.



Due to severe chemical sensitivities, allergic reactions, and asthma the classroom is a SCENT-FREE ZONE…Absolutely NO perfume, cologne, body spray, air fresheners, or scents of any kind are permitted in the classroom or are to be used right before coming to class. No containers with ANY sort of perfumes or scents (including deodorant) are allowed in the classroom at any time.


Course Description: Algebra I is the foundation for all math taught from this point forward.  A strong foundation in algebra will greatly benefit the student for years to come.  In this course, students will be asked to do multiple things including but not limited to interpreting problem situations, making and using physical models, and appropriate technology to extend algebraic thinking and engage student reasoning. Problem solving situations will provide all students an environment that promotes communication and fosters connections within mathematics, to other disciplines and to the real world.  Students will use physical models to represent, explore, and develop abstract concepts. The use of appropriate technology will help students apply mathematics in an increasingly technological world.


Philosophy: Math, like most things in life, is learned by doing. To help us learn math and its many processes we will use Bell Work, Interactive Notebooks, and LOTS of practice.


Bell Work: Each day when students enter class they will be expected to begin their Bell Work. These problems will be selected to build problem-solving skills. By beginning each class in this way, students are preparing themselves for material to come or review past concepts.


Interactive Notebooks: During the year, students will be creating their own algebra text in the form of an Interactive Notebook (INB). Maintaining their individual notebooks are important as it is counts as a test grade.


Materials Needed:

§     Sharpened Pencils (NO PENS. Mistakes are expected, respected, inspected, and corrected.)

§     100 sheet Composition Book…sewn type (No Spiral Bound Notebooks, please)

§     Glue Sticks…several as we use these constantly

§     Small Scissors

§     Colored Pencils (optional)

§     3-Ring Binder with Dividers

§     Notebook Paper

§     Basic Calculator for Home (We will use a TI-85 Graphing Calculator in class.)


Grading Scale:

                A             100 – 93

                B             92 – 85

                C             84 – 76

                D             75 – 70

                F              69 and below


                Tests/Interactive Notebooks                                    40%

                Quizzes                                                                 30%

                Homework/Exit Passes/Bell Work                             30%


Attendance and Tardy to Class: Students are to be in their seats, with their homework, interactive notebook and supplies, working on bell work when the bell rings.


Refer to Student Handbook and School Board Policy for details regarding attendance policy.


Social Media: Be sure to follow “Algebra Ailstock” on Facebook, to receive announcements, updates, and tutorial videos to help with new concepts. Parents are welcome to follow as well…and will earn their student bonus points.




Make-up Work

Students are responsible for their own make-up work. I input/check grades frequently, give students updates, but following through, making time, and turning in the work is on them. As in life, there are no zeros…not completing work could lead to your child not receiving credit in the class due to an incomplete. Late assignments will be accepted but discouraged, as it is important that students understand the concepts being taught.


Retest Request

We all have “off” days. If at any point a student would like to re-take a test they may after they have reviewed the information. “Request to Retest” forms are located on the front of the cabinets near the class folders.


Extra Credit

I am not opposed to giving extra credit to help a student raise their grade but all required work must be completed first. The student must come up with an idea for the extra credit assignment then we will discuss the topic and work out the details. I encourage out-of-the-box thinking and my only requirement is that it involves math…in some way. J


Beginning & End of Class

The bell indicates the beginning of class; students are expected to be in their seat and ready for class to begin when the bell rings. Students will be dismissed at the end of class.



I feel it is important for a student to receive extra help as soon as they BEGIN to fall behind. If at any point a student feels they need before or after school tutoring PLEASE LET ME KNOW…I will work out a schedule for them to receive extra assistance.


Reminder, parents and guardians have access to their student’s grades via the internet; please contact the guidance department to receive your personal access code. If at any point you have questions about your child’s grade or would like a copy of their progress report, feel free to contact me.


I am looking forward to a great year and getting to know your child.




Tameria Ailstock a.k.a. “Ms.A”